TIPSTER CUP - Example of How the Qualification Process Works

  • Here is an easy example of the 4 ways players can Qualify in the Tipster Cup competition.  Note that most players will usually qualify by options 1/2 (Outright Qualifier on Aggregate), or (Qualify on Aways Goals) 
  1. (Q)     Outright Qualifier 
  2. (AG)   Qualifies on Away Goals
  3. (SP)    Qualifies based on biggest SP winner in away leg, then home leg if still level
  4. (NAP) Qualifies based on Nap Competition Position
Match Player 1 Leg 1 Leg 2 Player 2 Aggregate
19 Nov 2016 26 Nov 2017
1  airwave1 5:9 3:2  GOLDNBLACKARMY (Q) 8:11
GOLDNBLACKARMY wins outright by scoring more goals over both matches 11-8
2  BennyTheTipster 7:4 2:5  poppylou (AG) 9:9
poppylou wins on away goals because while both players aggregate score were level at 9-9, poppylou scored 4 away goals in leg1, BennyTheTipster only scored 2 away goals in leg 2
3 game_host (SP) 2:2 2:2  Mr_Dy-na-mi-tee 4:4
both players were level on aggregate and away goals, but because game_host had the biggest priced winner in away leg he qualifies.
4 total_gooner (NAP) 1:1 1:1  BY_A_SHORT_HEAD 2:2
both players were level on aggregate and away goals, both had the same priced biggest winner, but total_gooner was higher in the Nap Competition so he qualified.